Barrowman says Who's 50th without Capt. Jack would be a 'travesty'

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Dec 16, 2012

Boy, does John Barrowman REALLY want to get back in the TARDIS for Doctor Who's approaching 50th anniversary special. (It's in 2013.) Once again, the actor spoke up about the importance of having Captain Jack back on Who for the anniversary bash, saying that no Jack would be a "travesty."

In the wake of his recent heroics, Barrowman was speaking on ITV1's morning show This Morning yesterday, where he said:

"I would love to [return]. I think that Captain Jack is such a big part of the new realm of Doctor Who that it would be a travesty if he wasn't involved in some way."

Then he added:

''I would love to come back, absolutely. So who knows?''

The actor also gave an update on a possible Torchwood 5, but admitted that the fate of the series was, at the moment, still very much in limbo:

"We have no idea. I can tell you honestly, I don't even know. It's a big decision. I would love another series, but all I can say is we're in a little bit of a limbo state at the moment."

(We're not even gonna feign surprise at this since ... well ... Torchwood: Miracle Day was not as good as it could have been.)

Check out John Barrowman's interview below.

(via Doctor Who TV)

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