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Barry dies (?!) and the team finally learns the identity of Cicada in the latest Flash

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Nov 28, 2018, 6:12 PM EST (Updated)

Along with telling a compelling story about the burgeoning West-Allen family, we finally got a bit of backstory into what makes the meta serial killer Cicada tick — and his story actually makes a bit more sense, in context. Not to say he should be killing people, of course.

Spoilers for “O Come, All Ye Thankful,” the latest episode of The CW’s Flash, which aired Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2018.

We already knew Cicada had a young family member injured during the Enlightenment, and now we know the full story. The young girl, Grace, isn’t actually his daughter — it’s his niece. Cicada’s alter ego Orlin Dwyer was pretty much an angry, drunk loser. But all that changed when his sister was killed in a metahuman attack and he had to take custody of her daughter. It’s a rough transition in the early days, but Orlin finally learns to embrace his inner decent human being and becomes a loving guardian to Grace.

Once they’ve finally reached a good place, cue DeVoe’s Enlightenment — and Grace is injured and knocked into a coma, while Orlin takes that jagged shard of dark matter-infused satellite in his chest. It explains Orlin’s hatred of metahumans (a theme that is also being explored with a much bigger arc on Supergirl this season, interestingly enough) and puts a more human face on a baddie who has largely been a masked psycho up to this point. Sure, dude is still bad, but the story at least took a step toward humanizing him.

As for Team Flash, thanks to Sherloque they finally deduce that Orlin really is Cicada, after Barry is temporarily thrown off the trail when Grace’s doctor helps cover for him. The episode ends with Team Flash finally knowing the identity of Cicada, so look for the game-planning to start quickly. They kept the mystery strung out long enough, but this feels like a good point to start connecting the dots. It also sets up a solid break point for all hell to break loose in the upcoming “Elseworlds” crossover, which is just a couple weeks away now.

Assorted musings


Along with all the Cicada reveals, we also got a fresh arc with Nora. Yes, she’s a bit green when it comes to being a hero, but the recurring Nora angst is starting to wear a bit thin. This week, Nora has reservations about her father being the Flash at all, after she has to restart his heart after he’s struck by lightning. Look, it’s an understandable emotion to grapple with the idea that losing her father now — after actually getting to know him — would be so much harder. But it weighs a bit heavy after much of the season has been focused on Nora coming to terms with who her parents are, and learning to be a hero. Maybe put a bit of breathing room between the Nora stories to give it some space moving forward?

Killer Frost is back! It seems Caitlin and Frost can switch back and forth with ease at this point, which should make for some fun moving forward.

Weather Witch was a decent meta of the week, though her motivations came off a bit hollow. But still, worth it for the shock when she crushes her dad under an SUV, though (but of course it turned out to be a hologram, thankfully!).

Hey, the Weather Wand! Throwback tech.

Next week: Barry is heading back in time, hitting what looks to be a whole lot of interesting points in his timeline, in an effort to stop Cicada in the past? The details are still fuzzy, but this looks like it could be a really fun one loaded with easter eggs.