Barry & Joe: the animated time-traveling adventures of a President and Vice-President

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Aug 21, 2017

If you are missing the light-hearted bromance of Barack Obama and Joe Biden, filmmaker Adam Reid understands your pain. And he is working on a project to ease your woes. Barry & Joe - The Animated Series.

Meant as an adult animated series that recalls the joys of 1980s television (with a special nod to Quantum Leap), Barry & Joe imagines the 44th president and his VP as time travelers who are sent back in time immediately following the inauguration of their successors. When they wake, they find themselves as their mid-1980s selves, driven to change history for the better.


From the Kickstarter:

Their only guide on this journey is Neil deGrasse Tyson. A brilliant scientist from the present who appears in the form of an augmented reality that only they can see and hear.

And so they find themselves leaping throughout their own lifetime. Looking for the best in people... Striving to right injustice wherever they find it. Forever hoping that their next jump in time will take them to a future that’s not scary and f***ed up. 

A world which they can proudly call… home.

Creator Adam Reid, who got his start producing promos for Comedy Central, admits that this project is decidedly leftist, and will likely leave Trump supporters complaining in online forums. But he also hopes to get Neil deGrasse Tyson involved to inject a little education into the project.

Right now, the Kickstarter is just looking to fund a pilot episode, but I assume with that, Reid and his team will pitch the project to networks. Who knows, maybe it could find a spot on Adult Swim or Comedy Central. What do you think?

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