Bask in the patriotic glory of this bold Alex Ross Captain America cover

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Apr 9, 2014, 5:43 PM EDT

Captain America in the capable hands of acclaimed artist Alex Ross is a beautiful thing, especially for Marvel's 75th Anniversary year.  Ross came to prominence on his historic '90s runs for Marvels and Kingdom Come and is considered one of the finest comics artists in the industry today.  Check out the scope and scale of this gorgeous variant cover for an upcoming Captain America issue, accompanied by a storm of heroes like Goliath, The Human Torch, Iron Man, Thor and many more.  

Ross's lush painterly style perfectly captures the epic grandeur of the skinny kid about to swig some super-serum and the age of crime-busting superheroes about to unfold in his future.  This Marvel-spanning masterpiece print will be available for purchase on the official Alex Ross site here.

How do you like this patriotic new Ross cover? 

(Via Geek Tyrant)