Bat Family writers talk about the future of Batman both in and out of Gotham at NYCC

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Oct 8, 2016, 3:50 PM EDT (Updated)

While everyone isn't slumber-partying it up at Scott Snyder's place, the Batman family, consisting of All Star Batman, Batman Rebirth, Detective Comics and Birds of Prey are creating some of the best comics in the DC universe.

Everyone in the panel at New York Comic-Con praised the excellent work of Snyder and Capullo as Snyder himself reminded everyone that they were in excellent hands with these creators. Tom King mentioned how this specific Batman arc is something he's the most proud of, with Batman examining both his mortality, a problem that Batman has that Superman and Wonder Woman do not, and his relationship to Gotham.

Snyder talked about his Mad Max-esque All-Star Batman, which he described as taking the Batmobile out for a spin and having a ball while Julie and Shauna Benson hinted about a new hero joining the Birds of Prey in the next arc. Nightwing and Detective Comics, who just finished their incredible run with Red Robin highlighted, also look to be in excellent hands, according to Snyder. Gotham could not be a more exciting place this year, and the Batman stories coming out of it might be the best yet.

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