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Batman Family at SDCC: Batgirl storyline like if "Silence of the Lambs had a family vibe"

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Jul 20, 2018, 7:08 PM EDT (Updated)

With the wedding of Batman tainted for some by spoilers and others by just how many dang times it’s been teased, the future of modern Batman comics is a little up in the air after things have settled down from the matrimony. So what comes next? Well, Batgirl for one is moving up and moving on in a fascinating way.

At the DC Batman Family panel at San Diego Comic-Con, plenty of comic talent associated with the World’s Greatest Detective (Mairghread Scott, Enrico Marini, Joelle Jones, Peter Tomasi, Tom King, Clay Mann, Bryan Hill, Mitch Gerads) stopped by to assure fans that the future of the Dark Knight and his compatriots is bright -- and Batgirl led the charge.

Scott said that the first issue will open with a villain from Gail Simone's run with the character. "If Silence of the Lambs had a family vibe," is how she described Babs' story, where she suspects her imprisoned brother, Jim Gordon, Jr., is killing people.

King -- who needed a bodyguard at the convention after receiving death threats -- described the Catwoman-Batman wedding issue as "painful" to write, though he credited fan support for helping him move forward after the issue's leak and rocky response. King also teased a 12 Angry Men-esque story coming after the wedding that he pitched as "Bruce Wayne vs. Batman" because Wayne must serve on the jury of a case where Batman got the perp's confession.

It was also announced that Tomasi is moving over to Detective Comics for issue #994 as the comic's official writer. He says that he's "really embracing the 'detective'" aspect as they head to issue #1000, offering up a twisted detective story that releases in December.

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