Batgirl takes center stage in new trailer for Batman: Arkham Knight DLC

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Jul 8, 2015, 5:21 PM EDT

Batman: Arkham Knight has been an enjoyable ride through Gotham—and considering its heavy use of the Batmobile, we mean that literally. But in the upcoming DLC, there’s nary a motorized vehicle in sight. However, there is a whole lot of our favorite ex-sidekick, Barbara Gordon, a.k.a. Batgirl (currently superhero team-leader, Oracle).

Better yet, in the DLC, available for players who purchased the season pass on July 14 and as a standalone for $6.99 on July 21, we get to play as a pre-paralyzed Batgirl. 

We saw “the incident” in a flashback in Arkham Knight: the brief and brutal moment where the Joker shot Barbara (complete with the camera he used in The Killing Joke). In this DLC, Barbara has the use of all of her limbs. And she’s using them to stop the Joker from killing her father, Commissioner Gordon.

For those of us who believe that Arkham Knight has relied too much on the Batmobile, this looks like a return to what we loved about the previous Arkham Games: using some smooth moves to take down room after room of henchmen. Even though Barbara isn’t as Bat-tastic as Batman, she knows how to make use of hacking tools. We also get to team up with Robin. We're coming for you, Joker.

But be warned: The DLC is currently only available for console gamers. Warner Bros. has made no mention of the DLC for PC gamers, who have been left out in the cold, thanks to a buggy PC port

Check it out.

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