Batman 3! Flash! Season of the Witch! We got updates

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST
Director Christopher Nolan (left) on the set of The Dark Knight, with Heath Ledger (behind glass).

Producer Charles Roven confirmed that The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan is already thinking about a third Batman movie but denied rumors about the casting of villains, added that a proposed Flash movie isn't quite dead and that Season of the Witch is already shooting.

Speaking at a news conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., Thursday to promote The International, Roven added that a sequel to Get Smart is also in the works for 2010. The following Q&A features edited excerpts of the news conference.

Christopher Nolan says he'll only make a third Batman if he has a worthy idea. Do you think he'll get there?

Roven: We know that he's thinking about what another one would be like, if he can think all the way through [development]. We'll know if he's gotten to the end of that process when he tells us he's gotten to the end of that process.

Is there anything you can do to make him feel comfortable developing it?

Roven: You know, Chris is his own guy. That's all I can say, so when he's come through the process that he's going to come through, he'll tell us what he wants to do.

Casting rumors have already started. Have you started approaching actors for the new villains?

Roven: Nothing's been done. There's no story, so we wouldn't be casting anybody without a story.

Nolan did The Prestige in between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. Do you think he'll do something else before a third Batman?

Roven: My guess is if he decides he wants to do another Batman that he would put a movie in between.

Get Smart was another hit for you this summer. Are you thinking about a Get Smart 2?

Roven: We're definitely developing a Get Smart sequel, definitely. So I'm hopeful that we'll make that movie in 2010.

Would it still be with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway?

Roven: That's our intention, certainly.

The Flash has floated around for a while, too. Any progress on that?

Roven: Nope, it's all shrouded in mystery.

Well, shrouded in mystery is better than dead.

Roven: No, no, it's definitely not dead. Definitely not dead, but it's shrouded in mystery.

Is Season of the Witch a supernatural witch?

Roven: Yeah, it's supernatural. I'm in the middle of shooting in Hungary right now. Dominic Sena is directing, a guy by the name of Bragi Schut wrote. It stars Nick Cage and Ron Perlman. It takes place during the plague in the 14th century. They have to transport a woman that's accused of being a witch who started the plague to an abbey where her innocence or guilt will be determined.

Sounds intense. Would it be R-rated?

Roven: No, PG-13.