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Batman and William Shatner swoop into NYCC for world premiere of all-new animated film Batman vs. Two-Face

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Mar 26, 2021, 4:00 AM EDT (Updated)

The latest thing to come out of the Batcave is Batman vs. Two-Face, an animated thrill ride through Gotham City that is also the last movie starring the voice of the amazing Adam West. Fans at New York Comic Con got an exclusive preview on Sunday — an advance screening of the entire crime-fighting spree.

Batman vs. Two-Face follows the the Dynamic Duo as they face a Gotham that is slowly turning into a two-faced zombie apocalypse. At the Gotham State Penitentiary, Dr. Hugo Strange thinks his Evil Extractor is the solution to supervillains (and superheroes). This thing is supposed to literally extract the evil from a villain’s brain and make saving anyone from their nefarious plots obsolete. You might realize it doesn’t work when the Joker starts laughing under its influence. You finally concede it doesn’t work when every villain in the room is cackling madly. Don’t ever trust anyone whose assistant is Harleen Quinzel.

Just like the original live-action Batman series, which first put Gotham in people’s living rooms back in 1966 (not to mention Batgirl), the sequel to Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders has those retro-cool Zap! Bam! Pow! sound effects flashing onscreen. Just like Return, this one is animated entirely in 2D, because 3D CGI was just not a thing in the ‘60s. It also features Batman and Robin’s original costumes, the original Batmobile, and some new Bat-weapons that are at once ingenious and ridiculous.

“We put our tights on to put on the world,” Burt Ward said about the costumes when he was the Robin to West’s Batman. He feels that voicing an animated character is really no different from playing one in a mask and tights, though he only prefers live action because he “got to fight more.”

William Shatner, who traded in his Starfleet uniform for a suit and the split personality of Two-Face (which he voices with all the shady perfection of an evil genius), agrees. When asked whether he prefers playing heroes or villians, Shatner said he believe they are one and the same. What especially fascinates him about villains is the mystery of what lurks in people’s subconscious to turn them toward evil.

Will Ward return for another animated Batman feature? Nothing is certain yet, but he said he totally wants to, so long as he never has to wear tights again.

Action, explosions, more “Holy [fill in the blank]” Robin quotes and the blasphemous destruction of rare books await when Batman vs. Two-Face releases on Oct. 17.