Batman and Wonder Woman join forces again in Liam Sharp’s The Brave and the Bold reboot

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Nov 17, 2017

The Batmobile is headed out of Gotham and toward a mythical adventure. Wonder Woman illustrator Liam Sharp will be writing and illustrating six new issues of the Batman-Wonder Woman collab The Brave and the Bold, as The Washington Post reports through its comic fandom offshoot Comic Riffs. The series, which first saw the super-duo teamup take off in the 1950s, has stayed in the shadows since its last publication in 2009.

After Sharp collaborated with Greg Rucka on his Rebirth-era Wonder Woman series, he just couldn’t let go of the character. His vision of her continued past the 25 issues that Rucka wrote. He wanted to find a way to continue the story, which includes a different vision of the character’s origin, feeling that it just wouldn’t be right to collaborate with another writer—so he decided to write it himself. DC recently tweeted a first look at the mind-blowing cover: 

What Sharp foresaw for Wonder Woman in his next DC venture was a mashup of her Amazonian origins with Irish and Celtic mythology, which is a reflection of the British writer-illustrator’s enduring fascination with the myths and legends that arose from the Irish mist. He also found a genius way to make the Caped Crusader swoop into the story. Following an Irish god’s mysterious death, she summons Batman to investigate what may or may not be a murder. You have to wonder if Morrigan has any involvement in this.

“It’s an adventure. It’s a mystery,” Sharp told Comic Riffs. “It’s all the things that I hoped people would come to expect from a Wonder Woman and a Batman story.”

The first issue of this fantastical series picks up just about where Sharp and Rucka’s last issue of Wonder Woman left off. Though he confirmed that Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are still dating, he couldn’t resist adding that wink of attraction that has existed between her and Batman through the eras.

Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman will release on February 21.

(via Comic Riffs)

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