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Batman Beyond reveals what happened to its version of Dick Grayson

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Oct 25, 2018, 1:48 PM EDT

Batman Beyond has always been an intriguing vision of a possible future for Gotham City and the Batman family, and we've been watching it unfold in various forms for nearly two decades now. What hasn't been clear, particularly lately in the wake of the Futures End comics event, is what happened to one particular key Batman ally, and now the latest issue of the Beyond comic is here to shed some light on that. 

*SPOILER WARNING: Some Batman Beyond #25 plot details are revealed below*

In Batman Beyond #25, released this week by DC Comics, writer Dan Jurgens and artist Cully Hamner create an opportunity for various Bat-family members to get together for a special occasion, namely the dedication of a building commemorating the 100th birthday of Thomas Wayne. That means Bruce Wayne is there, of course, as well as his protege Terry McGinnis and Terry's brother/Robin Matt McGinnis. The event also gets a visit from the original Robin and one of Bruce's oldest friends: Dick Grayson. 

In earlier versions of the Beyond timeline, Dick Grayson was a clone created by Amanda Waller as part of an effort to build a new Batman after Bruce Wayne's retirement, but when the timeline was altered by Futures End, we were left with some questions about what the current Beyond version of Dick has been up to. 

Well, it turns out that after he took it upon himself to be the protector of the city of Bludhaven as Nightwing, Dick stuck around and continued to help in any way he could, until he eventually became Bludhaven's mayor.

Batman Beyond 25 Dick Grayson

Dick was always more of a people person than Bruce, and he's apparently put that to good use, working to help the people of his chosen home city in a very public way, rather than simply continuing the vigilante lifestyle into his old age. He learned how to fight crime from Bruce, but he also learned how to negotiate and persuade, and he's using the latter skill set now to make the world a better place. 

The issue sets up plenty of opportunities for Dick to be a bigger part of the series moving forward, helping Terry and Matt and even getting closer to Bruce again, despite some past frustrations that may come back to light sometime soon. Plus, as Comic Book Resources points out, we still don't know actually know in this continuity who the mother of Dick's daughter Elainna is. That's another rich vein of plot that's yet to be explored. 

So, even though he wants you to call him Dick, Batman Beyond fans now know that the man once known as Nightwing has taken up the mantle of "Mayor Grayson."