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Batman fans debate the best Dark Knight stories and toys [Ep. #77]

Aug 28, 2019, 3:58 PM EDT (Updated)

There's never been a better time in America to be a rogue billionaire who does not follow the law, providing Bruce Wayne yet another reason to celebrate his upcoming 80th birthday.

Batman, the crime-fighting beneficiary of low marginal and capital gains taxes has captured our collective imaginations since he first stalked the pages of Detective Comics back in 1939. In the care of a legendary list of scribes, artists, and editors, the Dark Knight has been the subject of fantastic character arcs, radical reinventions, and a fervid fandom that is without compare. And so this week on The Fandom Files, we speak with a few of the most zealous and knowledgable Bat-fans, to run down some of the best Batman comic arcs and toys.

First, we chat with Londyn Jackson, who runs the History of the Batman podcast and YouTube channel, about what she thinks are the five best story arcs of the last five decades. Then, Kevin Silva joins us to reminisce about his Batman merchandise collection, which was once certified by Guinness as the largest in the world. And of course, we read some Batman fanfiction!

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