Batman is on the run in awesome Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 preview

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:23 AM EDT (Updated)

DC Comics has released an awesome preview of Dark Knight III: The Master Race, the eagerly anticipated conclusion to Frank Miller’s epic Dark Knight Trilogy.

The new title, set to hit comic book store shelves on Nov. 25, was penned by Miller and Brian Azzarello, with Andy Kubert on artwork duty. The massive gallery below includes some brand new pages (some of them are unlettered and in black and white), along with a ton of cool variant covers. 

Dark Knight III: The Master Race spoilers below!

In an interview with Comic Book Resources, Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert revealed that the first issue will end with the shocking revelation that it’s actually Carrie Kelley in the Batsuit. When asked what made her the “rightful Bat-heir” Azzarello said:

“That's what we are going to explore in the series, so I'm not going to give that away. [Laughs]” 

With Kubert adding:

“I can tell you that I did a whole bunch of sketches, going back and forth on it with Frank [Miller] and Brian [Azzarello], of Carrie in the suit. It's pretty much Frank's vision as to her having the gloves as big as they are, and to have the suit pretty much skin tight but still a little bit loose-ish on her. We wanted to make it so it didn't look like she had these big, giant gloves on her because she got them out of the case at the beginning. That whole thing, as to what she's looks like, are all Frank's ideas.”

Check out the gallery below, and let us know if you’re all set to pick up Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

(via Comic Book Resources)