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Batman and other LEGO Movie characters assemble for Turkish Airlines safety video

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Aug 1, 2018

Flying (unless you're in business class) is never fun, especially the airline safety instructions you've seen a million, jillion times. Luckily, major airlines are wising up to this fact and making the experience a little more enjoyable.

For instance, El-Al allows passengers to participate in its safety instructions by turning them into a magic show of sorts, while Turkish Airlines has partnered up with Warner Bros. Animation and the entire cast of characters from the LEGO movies.

Hosted by Emmet Brickowski and Wyldstyle, the awesome new video turns the commonplace use of seatbelts, oxygen masks, life jackets, and electronic devices on an airplane into a fun and engaging piece of didactic entertainment.

Sadly, it sounds like they couldn't get Chris Pratt and Elizabeth Banks to voice their LEGO counterparts, but it's probably hard to nab such major stars for a small airline project. While unconfirmed, Will Arnett seems to be the only returning member of the cast to reprise his role of Batman; it sounds exactly like Arnett unless they got an impeccable voice actor to impersonate him. 

Watch the airline safety video below and marvel at how enthralled you could be at something you've probably seen countless times.

Also present are Batgirl, Joker, Unikitty, Superman, Robin, President Business, Lloyd Garmadon, Lord Garmadon, Alfred, Benny, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Vitruvius, Harley Quinn, MetalBeard, and Green Lantern. In true LEGO Movie style (wild style, one might say), we end things with a catchy song not unlike the first movie's earworm-worthy ditty.

The video also serves as a teaser for The Lego Movie sequel, The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, which stacks into theaters Feb. 8, 2019.

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