Batman: TAS co-creator returns to The Dark Knight with a new short

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:24 AM EDT (Updated)

One of Batman's legendary animators is returning to the Dark Knight's cartoon adventures with a brand-new short film.

Bruce Timm is one of the architects of what we know now as the DC Animated Universe. He co-created and produced Batman: The Animated Series, along with The New Batman Adventures, Superman: The Animated SeriesStatic Shock and Batman Beyond, and though the last DC animated series to feature his signature style was Justice League Unlimited in 2004, he's since gone on to work on the Green Lantern animated series and DC's series of direct-to-video feature animated films. For many Batman fans, he's responsible for the best non-comic-book version of the Dark Knight, and now he's returning to his classic version of the character for a brand-new DC Nation animated short.

Timm's new Batman tale, called Batman Strange Days, will pit the Caped Crusader against Hugo Strange and a massive villain that definitely seems to resemble Solomon Grundy. The short, which looks to rely heavily on a black-and-white noir style, is set to air Wednesday, April 9, after Teen Titans Go, so if you're itching to return to Timm's Batman storytelling style, look for it then.

Check out a series of images from Timm's short in the gallery below, and feel free to use them to reminisce about the time when Batman: The Animated Series ruled our perception of the Dark Knight.

(Via ComicsAlliance)

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