Batman the Animated Series is getting a limited-edition vinyl soundtrack

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Jul 16, 2014

The still-reigning champion of Batman adaptations is getting some gorgeous art on some very cool records.

Bruce Timm and the gang that brought us the '90s cartoon version of Batman are still leaving everyone else in their stylistic dust. That series is still so beloved that we can't help but keep coming back to it.

And DC knows our love is strong, which is why they've given Mondo (a company that is all about curating fine art from the best of popular culture) the license to release Danny Elfman's thrilling soundtrack from Batman: The Animated Series.

So, what makes that great? Well, because the covers and the records are all dripping with retro cool, naturally.

Unsurprisingly, these striking 7" vinyl records will be coming to (and immediately selling out at) San Diego Comic-Con. Check out the art below, and drool.

(via Comics Alliance)

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