Batman v Superman costume designer on what it's like to create the look of DC's heroes

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Nov 18, 2016, 1:12 PM EST (Updated)

Your mileage may vary in regard to how Zack Snyder is adapting the DC universe for the big screen, but there’s no denying the guy has a great eye for visuals. So, what does his Oscar-nominated costume designer have to say about the progress with Batman v Superman?

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson chatted with Fashionista about his work on Warner Bros.' first hard push into a shared universe, which aims to introduce Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and a host of other characters into the world of Man of Steel.

Much like we already saw with Superman’s (Henry Cavill) suit in Man of Steel, it sounds like they’re trying to keep these costumes as grounded and believable as possible. But, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to set up. It seems Affleck’s Batsuit is apparently a “six-handed operation” to get into, and all the costumes included a ton of engineering work:

“(Zack) really wants these characters to connect directly to our world. So if you were walking down the street and you came across Superman or Batman — of course it would be startling and powerful — but it could actually happen in our world rather than in a stylized version of our reality …

That’s actually one of the first things that Snyder mentioned to me in one of our initial meetings. It’s a very important thing to Zack that the Batsuit would be comfortable and very flexible, but then would be able to perform in a very natural and forceful way. So a lot of incredible engineering went into the development of the new black cowl…It’s no longer a designer just in his workroom pushing a costume out into the world and that’s it. There’s a real sense of a conversation and engaging in a dialogue about this stuff.”

After Man of Steel’s good-but-not-great box-office haul (it did solid numbers but actually earned less than Amazing Spider-Man 2 globally), DC and Warner Bros. have bet the farm that audiences will turn out for the epic team-up planned for Batman v Superman. Along with getting the script and everything else right -- those costumes will play a key role in setting the tone.

Do you think they’re on the right track?

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