Zack Snyder shares amazing new 12-minute Batman v Superman VFX reel

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May 2, 2017, 11:55 AM EDT (Updated)

The amount of inspiration and perspiration required to create today's cutting-edge special effects is staggering. Even the simplest of sequences appearing on screen for mere seconds demand the mad skills of hundreds of talented concept artists, storyboard illustrators and an army of digital effects wizards. The closing credits sequences of any Hollywood behemoth feature a dizzying number of names that each contributed their small part to the finished product.

Zack Snyder just shared a fascinating 12-minute VFX reel from his controversial superhero saga, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, revealing just how much work went down behind the scenes to make these caped crimefighters soar. Whatever your opinion is about Snyder's film, you have to appreciate the extreme level of detail and labor involved in the creative process.

Savor this Batman v Superman VFX breakdown reel and toast the miraculous efforts of special effects supervisor Guillaume Rocheron and all the dedicated artisans involved at MPC!

(via Collider)