Batman v Superman deleted scene reveals new WTF moment

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Mar 28, 2016

A just-released deleted scene from the superhero throwdown adds a bizarre new wrinkle to the story. Spoilers ahead!

The ushers are not done sweeping up the popcorn from the opening weekend screenings of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and already Warner Bros. Pictures has released a deleted scene from the film, which we'll presumably see on the Blu-ray/DVD later this year. Read no further if you have not seen the film yet, as this includes spoilers.

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Here we go:

The scene takes place inside the wreckage of General Zod's ship, after Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) has created Doomsday to battle Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. As military forces enter the ship to capture Luthor, they find him back in the biological matrix from which Doomsday emerged ... only now he is communing with some sort of freaky alien creature. The link is broken once Luthor realizes he has company.


Who is this bizarre-looking being? Collider speculates that it could be Steppenwolf, the uncle and key military collaborator of Darkseid, who is all but confirmed to be the main villain of next year's Justice League Part 1. Sharp-eyed fans will note that the thing is holding what appear to be Mother Boxes, those advanced pieces of tech that are also associated with Darkseid -- one of which is also glimpsed in Luthor's surveillance video of the creation of Cyborg.

This scene, dubbed "Communion," would go a long way toward explaining how Luthor, locked up at the end of the film, is ranting and raving about the coming of "him," presumably Darkseid, since Luthor's sudden knowledge of Darkseid's impending arrival is one of the more confusing aspects of Batman v Superman's third act. In this deleted scene, he may very well be communicating with Steppenwolf and getting advance word that Darkseid is coming.

Perhaps more will be clarified when the R-rated director's cut arrives on disc, with the release date now reportedly set for July 16. After all, that version will feature some 30 additional minutes of Zack Snyder's epic for fans and critics to argue over ...

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