Dawn of Justice's Batman set to LEGO Batman soundtrack is Bat-perfection

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Feb 19, 2017, 9:00 AM EST

The LEGO Batman Movie is arguably one of the best films to ever tackle the Dark Knight, and like The LEGO Movie before it, the flick also has a killer soundtrack. So, what happens if you bring that jaunty attitude to Zack Snyder's grim-dark?

This, and it's glorious.

One intrepid fan has recut the (awesome) warehouse fight scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Patrick Stump's fist-pumping "Who's the (Bat)Man." It's even better than you'd imagine. Seeing Ben Affleck's brutal version of Batman mow through baddies takes on a whole new perspective when it's set to a tune about how Batman is generally just crazy-awesome.

Seriously, why couldn't the entire movie just be this? Check out the re-cut fight below and have a good laugh.

(via Reddit)