Dawn of Justice's Batman set to LEGO Batman soundtrack is Bat-perfection

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Feb 19, 2017

The LEGO Batman Movie is arguably one of the best films to ever tackle the Dark Knight, and like The LEGO Movie before it, the flick also has a killer soundtrack. So, what happens if you bring that jaunty attitude to Zack Snyder's grim-dark?

This, and it's glorious.

One intrepid fan has recut the (awesome) warehouse fight scene from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with Patrick Stump's fist-pumping "Who's the (Bat)Man." It's even better than you'd imagine. Seeing Ben Affleck's brutal version of Batman mow through baddies takes on a whole new perspective when it's set to a tune about how Batman is generally just crazy-awesome.

Seriously, why couldn't the entire movie just be this? Check out the re-cut fight below and have a good laugh.

(via Reddit)

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