Batman v Superman producer reveals details of Wonder Woman's origin story

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Oct 13, 2014, 6:31 PM EDT

Though we know what she’ll look like, we’ve been extremely curious to learn how Batman v Superman would handle Wonder Woman’s origin story. Well, wonder no more.

Charles Roven, a producer on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, recently let slip that they’ll apparently be following the New 52 origin story as opposed to the more convoluted, original origin story dating back to the character’s creation. Here’s the quote, short and sweet:

“She’s a demigod. Her father was Zeus.” 

Raven is obviously someone who should be in the know here, and it doesn’t get much more definitive than that. Considering the New 52 origin is decidedly more streamlined (and is the modern-day origin from the ongoing run), it makes sense Snyder’s story would co-opt it. But that probably won’t quell the potential backlash from hardcore Wonder Woman fans.

As for how this origin story stacks up to the original, here’s the crux of the classic origin as Badass Digest has succinctly recapped:

The Amazons were created by the gods using the souls of all the women murdered by men. There was, when it was all said and done, one soul remaining, the soul of the unborn daughter of the first woman to ever be murdered by a man. That woman was Hippolyta, queen of the Amazons, and she molded a figure of clay and gave to it the soul of that unborn girl. The clay was animated and became Diana, who was gifted abilities from the gods.

Admittedly, that sounds like a hard sell and a boatload of confusing exposition to cram into a story — especially one in which Wonder Woman is a secondary player behind the top-billed Dark Knight and Man of Steel. So, yeah, not a huge shocker. But now we know — and we can rest easy (apparently) knowing Snyder isn’t going to create his own origin story, such as the rumored option to tie the Amazons to Krypton.

What do you think? Are you glad they’re apparently sticking with the New 52?

(Via Badass Digest, /Film)