Batman v Superman's David Goyer producing Isaac Newton thriller Principia

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Apr 2, 2015, 12:25 PM EDT (Updated)

As if he weren't busy enough working on DC's slate with Batman v Superman, David Goyer is taking some time to double down on his interest in historical fiction, with a thriller twist.

Variety reports that Goyer has signed on to produce the new historical thriller Principia, which focuses on famed English mathematician and physicist Isaac Newton as he hunts down a criminal in the late 1600s. The title of the film is based on Newton’s famed book Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica (“Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy”), which was published in 1687.

This is one heck of an interesting idea, mashing up some historical fiction and putting Newton at the center of a murder thriller. Kind of weird? Sure, but hey, it’s at least something a little different. It’s worth noting this isn’t Goyer’s first foray into historical fiction, as he also produces the cable series Da Vinci’s Demons. Regardless, Goyer’s involvement will almost certainly give this one a jolt during the development process, considering he’s a bit of a golden goose these days.

The script is being written by Christian Contreras, from his own pitch. Interestingly, most of Contreras' experience comes on the other side of the camera. He’s had roles in Fury, Zero Dark Thirty and Halo: Nightfall.

Do you think Principia is a good pitch? Has the world been clamoring to see Isaac Newton solve a murder mystery?

(Via Variety)

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