Batman vs. Darth Vader: The Dark Side and Dark Knight face off in an epic showdown

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Nov 26, 2014, 12:28 PM EST (Updated)

Batman with a lightsaber. If that is not enough to get you excited, I question whether you have a pulse. And there is much, much more to be stoked about in "Batman vs. Darth Vader," the 14th episode of the Web series Super Power Beat Down.

Following epic showdowns between Captain America and Master Chief, Wolverine and Predator, Superman and Thor, the Machinima series pits the two men in black against one another in what may be the biggest battle of this galaxy and one far, far away.

Debuting at today at noon Eastern Time, the plot revolves around Bats flying toward the Death Star in his Batplane, on a mission to save Kal-El, who has fallen into the clutches of the Empire. But before he can liberate the Kryptonian, the Caped Crusader engages in Force-ful fight with the Sith Lord. Vader starts strong by crushing bat grenades with his powers before Batman uses an EMP to disable Anakin's suit. Then? Oh yes, the lightsabers come out and a full range of bad-assery unfolds. 

So who wins? You have to watch to find out, but the victor is determined by the quarter-million voters who made their nerdy voices heard. 

The episode is actually Batman’s third appearance in SPBD -- after beating Deadpool and getting his cowl handed to him by Wolverine -- and Vader’s second, following his takedown of Gandalf. Directed by Aaron Shoenke, and starring Kevin Porter as Batman, Damian Beurer as Vader in suit and David Baxter as Vader unmasked, this is so far the best-looking installment of SPBD, which averages 1.8 million views on Machinima. 

So what do you think of "Batman vs. Darth Vader"? Did the right cape win?