That Batman/Superman flick has officially found its new Gotham City

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Aug 29, 2013

In case anyone was worried the upcoming Batman/Superman movie would wind up as vaporware like that 2002 attempt, take solace — Zack Snyder has already mapped out his real-life Gotham City.

The local government in Michigan has cut Warner Bros. a deal worth $35 million in incentives to shoot in and around the city of Detroit, which could prove a pretty accurate representation of Gotham, especially considering the Motor City’s recent troubles.

In a statement about the deal, Snyder noted Detroit represents the “quintessential American city,” though we think the backdrop should also give it enough grittiness to fit into the fairly dark Man of Steel-verse.

The location news also gives us a bit more info about that ramped-up shooting schedule, which calls for work to begin within the first three months of 2014. Here’s hoping writer David Goyer is well on his way toward having a finished script. If not, it could be tough to hit that summer 2015 date opposite the Avengers sequel.

Though we don’t know exactly how much of Gotham we’ll be seeing, Detroit looks like it should be a good fit. Plus, it’s a nice bit of buzz to help out a struggling U.S. city.

Do you think Detroit is a good choice for the Caped Crusader?

(Via Detroit Free Press)

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