Battle Malekith + head to Asgard in 32 new Thor: The Dark World pics

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Oct 18, 2013

We’re just a few weeks away from the release of Thor: The Dark World, and Marvel has been kind enough to release a ton of revealing new pics. Want to see?

We get to see a lot more of new baddie Malekith (Christopher Eccleston), as well as some new action shots of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his gang of merry warriors. We also get to see some new angles on Asgard, and it’s easy to see Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor’s influence on the visuals. Marvel is definitely evolving the look of the Thor franchise, and it seems like a positive direction.

This sequel definitely has a grittier feel than the bright, CGI-styled look of the original — and we can’t wait to see it in action.

Thor: The Dark World opens Nov. 8.

(Via Comic Book Movie)

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