The battle you've been waiting for: Watch the new RoboCop vs. ED-209

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Jan 22, 2014

If you had to name RoboCop's archnemesis, who would it be? Our vote would be for ED-209. It doesn't have the intelligence or agility of RoboCop, but its artillery is second to none. In the original film they have a memorable battle that ends with RoboCop as the victor, but only because Officer Murphy RoboCop uses his brain over brawn.

Sony's released a new clip from Jose Padilha's RoboCop that gives us a sneak peek at the new ED-209. In the video, the hero takes on not one, but two of the heavy-duty droids. RoboCop has always been smaller by comparison, so it looks like they've made him quicker on his feet. There are also a lot of flips and rolls that weren't present in the original film (or model).

The action in the scene isn't that clear, but one thing's for sure: The video cuts off before the fight gets interesting.

Watch the RoboCop clip below:

What do you think of RoboCop vs. ED-209?

(via Yahoo Movies)

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