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Battlefield V leads the charge for girl power this fall, and it's great for everyone

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Sep 11, 2018, 4:00 PM EDT

Battlefield V is joining a long list of games that are introducing playable female characters that take center stage, and fans are massively excited about that fact, as they should be. During the original Battlefield V reveal, we got a chance to meet one of the more prominent female soldiers, who appears to have a prosthetic arm. It's a step the Battlefield series hasn't quite taken before, and as a result, it will bring some lesser-known war stories to light from the women who were considered "unseen" during World War II. 

The upcoming entry in the long-running series is making headway by displaying "unseen locations and untold stories" centering around female soldiers, as well as offering the option to utilize women in multiplayer games. That's obviously nothing new for most games, but shining a light on historical moments where women were involved is definitely an interesting move for EA Dice, and something no doubt plenty of ladies will be thrilled to explore in the new game when it releases later this year. 

In Battlefield 1, a female character was introduced in the single-player campaign, but women weren't available in multiplayer. That's changed as of Battlefield V, with the option to play as whoever you wish, as well as eight customizable characters you can take into war with you. One of the most important women in the game is even featured prominently in the game's marketing, much to the surprise of ladies who have been seeking some sort of representation in the series for quite some time. 

It's fantastic because, with this announcement, it seems as though we've "opened the floodgates," so to speak, for a whole crop of new female game characters springing up across the industry. We've got Kait Diaz taking point in the new Gears 5, Ellie of The Last of Us Part II striking out on her own, and a smattering of other woman-centric narratives popping up across all platforms. It's exciting, and finally, a huge developer is joining in on the party with one of its biggest games. 

It's a great feeling – I've always wanted to see more interesting characters, not particularly women, but just a variety of different faces in the Battlefield games' single-player campaign, though it's not particularly important to me who I play as, but if there's an intriguing story surrounding them, their background as people gives an edge to their campaign chapters. 

That brings us to the controversy that's been surrounding the game ever since its debut announcement. Yes, women are going to be prominent in the game, and no, the developers aren't going to be taking them out. Both sides should go ahead and give it a rest by now because no matter how you slice it, folks should be excited that anyone is trying something new in a series where things have only progressed just a bit over the years, and only really by way of game mechanics. 

The endless takes on how "people are mad" about this particular fact are wearing just as thin as the endless essays about how "bad" it is that women are included in the game this time around, and the fact of the matter is that people want to see different types of characters in the games that they play.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you're playing as a man, a woman, or alien because Battlefield V is typically played in first-person mode anyway, so you're hardly ever going to even see your character unless you're waiting to join a game. It's still cool, though, and still something people want to see. 

So let's embrace the fact that everyone can feel included, even if that means you just have to sit back and gloat over the fact that someone is mad about it or be upset that someone is glad about it. It's pretty awesome, and part of what gaming is all about – those awesome moments that we carry with us forever, those experiences that we don't always get to have in real life. And if that means your awesome thing is feeling like a badass female soldier, well, you're going to get to have that. 

Battlefield V is set to debut on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 20.

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