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Gaming: Mark Strong narrates Battlefield V single player trailer, Pokemon Go receiving Sinnoh update, more

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Oct 16, 2018, 1:15 PM EDT

In the words of Pac-Man, "Waka waka waka."

Truly words to live by, and ones that dictate our latest roundup of news from the ever-changing world of video games. We cannot move forward if we are unable to look back, which applies to a nostalgia-fueled Sega-based console, but we're getting ahead of ourselves...

First up, we enter a world at war in the first single player trailer for EA's Battlefield V, narrated by none other than Kingsman and Shazam!'s Mark Strong. The preview teases incredibly detailed graphics, as well as the various World War II storylines you'll be able to embark on as the player.  

One allows you to take on the persona of a Norwegian soldier and disrupt the German occupation; another puts you in the shoes of an English fighter behind enemy lines; while a third option allows you to become a German Tiger I tank operator. This last one is the most intriguing of them all, since it lets you play as a Nazi and take a deep dive into the fighting ideology of the Third Reich. 

Check out the trailer below:

Battlefield V goes on sale Nov. 20. 


Next up, Pokémon GO is introducing creatures from the Sinnoh Region into the augmented reality game.

This includes Pocket Monsters from Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, and Pokémon Platinum such as Turtwig, Lucario, Chimchar, and Garchomp. 

The official announcement from the Pokémon GO team reveals that the update of new Pokémon will be released "in waves" over the next few weeks. You'll be able to catch them in the wild, hatch them from eggs, or do "battling in raids."


Lastly, we come to that Sega nostalgia we mentioned earlier, since Analogue is releasing the Mega Sg, a console that is capable of playing over 2,000 games from OG consoles like the Sega Genesis, Mega Drive, and Master System.

This is similar to Analogue's Super Nt console, which was released last winter and compatible with the 16-bit Nintendo games from consoles such as the SNES.

Pre-orders are now available for the Mega Sg on Analogue's website, which currently seems to be down.

Based on Variety's report, you can pick one up for $189.99 a pop and have it shipped to you in April 2019. As you can see from one of the tweets above, the 8BitDo's M30 wireless controllers are $24.99 apiece.