Battlestar Galactica film finds a writer, close to signing Hunger Games director

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Jun 10, 2016, 9:54 AM EDT

A film adaptation of Battlestar Galactica has been kicking around development for about a year, and now it seems Universal is close to actually making it happen.

Deadline reports the studio has signed Lisa Joy (HBO’s Westworld) to put a script together, and her pitch on the property has apparently attracted Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, The Hunger Games franchise) to potentially direct. Lawrence is said to be “circling” the project now. If they can crack a story that works, the studio apparently sees BSG as a potential tentpole sci-fi franchise in the years moving forward.

In case you haven’t watched Ronald D. Moore’s seminal 2003 Syfy series based on the cheesy old sci-fi project, the franchise follows the last remnants of humanity that are on the run from killer robots called Cylons. Moore’s adaptation was one of the best sci-fi shows ever conceived, which sets the bar even higher for whatever form this big-screen version takes. It’s most definitely going to be graded against the series, and it better bring something fresh to the table to entice fans.

What would you like to see from a new Battlestar Galactica film? Something in the same vein as Moore’s series, or maybe a flick more swashbuckling and fun like the original series?

(Via Deadline)