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Battlestar Galactica podcast 'Battlestar Galacticast' coming from SYFY WIRE

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Dec 4, 2018, 1:50 PM EST

Like all good fans, Battlestar Galactica diehards just can’t get enough — even if it’s been almost a decade since the show’s universe was last on screen (sorry, Caprica watchers). But with that time gap that fans are still bridging, introducing outsiders to the vast lore of the Cylons and Colonies, comes the power also inherent in longevity.

It’s been 15 years since Ronald D. Moore’s re-imagining first aired and the time is now for fans and newcomers to experience it in the best way. That’s why one of the legendary sci-fi shows is getting its own podcast from the most sci-fi of sources.

That’s right, SYFY WIRE is introducing the Battlestar Galacticast, which will feature hosts Marc Bernardin (writer of Castle Rock, Alphas) and Number Six herself, Tricia Helfer, deep dive into each and every episode of Season 1 along with the miniseries that operated as the revival’s backdoor pilot.

Premiering on Dec. 11 right here on SYFY WIRE, two days after the reboot’s 15th anniversary, Battlestar Galacticast (BSGC?) will feature Bernardin and Helfer talking with original cast and crew members — all of whom will be spinning yarns from their times on set and handing out behind-the-scene gems like hotcakes. And no sci-fi show has thematic depth to unpack like BSG.

One fan who will benefit from these critical examinations is on the podcast itself. “I’m excited to delve back into the BSG universe after so many years,” said Helfer in a statement.

“To watch each episode and break it down like the viewers experienced it is a totally new experience for me as I never sat down and watched it simply from start to finish. Watching it now with Marc, who covered the series at the time for Entertainment Weekly, is giving me a whole new appreciation.”

The crown jewel of the franchise will get the star(buck) treatment from us here at SYFY starting Dec. 11.