Battlestar Galactica favorite to tangle with The CW's Arrow

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

The CW's Arrow continues to cast sci-fi favorites. They've grabbed Torchwood's John Barrowman, Fringe's Seth Gabel and Farscape's Ben Browder, to name just a few. Their latest get comes from the always-popular Battlestar Galactica.

According to TVGuide">TVGuide, James Callis will guest-star on an upcoming episode. Most of us know Callis as Gaius Baltar from Battlestar, but the actor's also spent time on Eureka, Merlin and FlashForward. His latest job will have him facing Starling City's hooded protector.

Callis has been cast as "The Dodger, an elusive international jewel thief who imposes his plans on the innocent, forcing them to carry out his crimes under duress." When a rare ruby goes missing, The Dodger finds himself on Oliver and Diggle's radar. Unfortunately, catching this bad guy might be easier said than done.

The Dodger sounds a lot like the comic book character of the same name. The comic version is also a thief, and both he and Callis are British. But the network has yet to confirm if he's the small-screen adaptation of the character.

Callis will make his Arrow debut sometime next year.

Arrow returns with all-new episodes Jan. 16

(via TVGuide)