BSG is the top timeshifted program of 2009

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Nielsen, those TV ratings people, just came out with their Top 10 lists of 2009, and surprise, surprise ... while sci-fi shows couldn't crack the "Top 10 TV Programs," Battlestar Galactica is the number-one "timeshifted" prime-time TV program of the year, with increased viewing of a whopping 59.4 percent.

The timeshifted list measures viewers who watch a show after it has aired and is based on the percentage of additional viewers beyond the network ratings. In fact, the list of "Top 10 'Timeshifted' TV Programs" is riddled with sci-fi, fantasy and/or cable shows, including shows canceled or no longer on the air, like Galactica.

Fox's American Idol, of course, grabbed up the top spot for the "Top 10 TV Programs" list, with the show making it into 14.4 percent of U.S. homes.

Top 10 "Timeshifted" TV Programs—Network % Increase of Timeshifted Viewing

1. Battlestar Galactica (Syfy)—59.4%
2. Mad Men (AMC)—57.7%
3. Damages (FX)—56.3%
4. Rescue Me (FX)—53.2%
5. True Blood (HBO)—46.9%
5. Stargate Universe (Syfy)—46.9%
7. Sanctuary (Syfy)—45.9%
7. Heroes (NBC)—45.9%
9. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (Fox)—45.5%
10. 10 Things I Hate About You (ABC Family)—44.9%
10. Dollhouse (Fox)—44.9%
10. Melrose Place (CW)—44.9%

The other good Nielsen news is that the company announced that it was accelerating its plans to add Internet measurements to its national ratings sample. The initiative is called "TVandPC" and will be the industry's first source that measures both TV and online viewing. Like the addition of measuring timeshift viewing, this is going to come as a big boon to sci-fi shows, whose viewers tend to be more technologically inclined.