Battlestar prequel comic explores The Cylon War

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

SCI FI Wire just got a chance to speak with best-selling sci-fi/fantasy author Eric Nylund about the just-released first chapter of The Cylon War, his four-chapter prequel Battlestar Galactica comic-book series.

The authorized prequel series (co-written with Joshua Ortega) follows Nylund's previous novels set in the Halo universe and his new fantasy book Mortal Coils. Following is an edited version of our exclusive interview with Nylund.

Tell us about Battlestar Galactica: The Cylon War and how you came to be involved.

Nylund: A friend of mine, Joshua Ortega, [came] into my office one day and told me he landed ... a writing gig at Dynamic Forces. When he told me it was Battlestar, I flipped out. I immediately told him he had to write about ... the Cylon War. It's one thing everyone wants to know about! "Oh, yeah?" he said. ... "What exactly would you do?" And from there, we're off and running and had an outline hammered out in about an hour.

Joshua suggested that we write it up and pitch it. I told them he was crazy—that Universal and Ronald Moore had to be doing this project next. But Joshua persisted. We wrote it up. We sent it in. A day later, we got the approval to do it!

The story opens with narration from the robot (not sure if we can call them Cylons yet) Isak, speaking about God, not gods, plural. As we know from the show, the Cylons believe in a single god. Will there be a clue to the religion of the show in there?

Nylund: There's a little more than a clue. ... The second issue would spell out how the Cylons "discover" God.

I know this is an authorized prequel. How long ago did you and Joshua Ortega take to come up with the story? Did you work on it first and then get critiques? How many spoilers did Ron Moore give you, and how do you feel about the final Cylon?

Nylund: Unfortunately, ... Ron Moore didn't give us any spoilers. Universal did critique the script, but [gave] minimal feedback; they really gave us a lot of room to run with this story.

Have you timed each chapter of the miniseries to come out according to revelations in the new Battlestar episodes? Can you give us a hint about where it's going?

Nylund: Like I said, unfortunately, no hints from us. We know ... about as much as you do about the end of the show. Regarding the timing, though, yeah: I think we had this finished about a year ago, and Dynamic Forces was waiting for the release of the final season to coincide with its release.