Battlestar's Edward James Olmos reveals his Plan

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Dec 14, 2012, 3:54 PM EST

Edward James Olmos told SCI FI Wire that he hopes the upcoming Battlestar Galactica spinoff movie The Plan—a Cylon-centric story that he directed and stars in as William Adama—will inspire newcomers to check out the 2003 miniseries and the subsequent four years of the SCI FI Channel original series.

"The Plan is ... literally, at the beginning of every single episode [of Battlestar Galactica], you see that 'The Cylons are created by man, there are many of them, and some of them don't know that they are Cylons. And they have a plan,'" Olmos said in an interview last week in New York. "Well, this is the plan. This is what caused this to happen."

Olmos directed several episodes of Battlestar Galactica during its run, but he described calling the shots on The Plan—which will likely come out on DVD and will also air this fall—as a unique challenge. The Plan recaps the story of the destruction of the human Colonies from the point of view of the Cylons.

"It's a different formula, a different understanding in the way that the story is told," Olmos said. "It's a very, very strong piece, and I hope that people who don't know the show at all can see this and be exposed to situations, and ... learn what they mean when they go through the show. And that will completely throw them into understanding the Cylon world. So when you go back and see the episodes, if you've never seen the show before, it'll drive you to see the miniseries and episodes and to follow through [from the miniseries] through to the 78 or 79 hours [of the series]."

The two-hour series finale of Battlestar Galactica, "Daybreak, Part 2," will premiere on SCI FI today at 9 p.m. ET/PT.