Bazinga! Chinese government bans geek sitcom The Big Bang Theory

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Apr 28, 2014, 1:35 PM EDT (Updated)

Bad news for Big Bang Theory fans living abroad, because the Chinese government is demanding the hit geek sitcom be yanked from the nation’s interwebs.

The hit CBS comedy was nixed in a roundup with three other U.S. shows, including NCIS, The Good Wife and The Practice. Though officials would not comment on why the shows were ordered off the sites, the Associated Press believes the move suggests “government attention is intensifying on the online streaming industry,” which has typically been less regulated than state television and China's cinemas when it comes to showing imported content.

China's privately owned video streaming websites are extremely popular, and have expanded to show legally licensed domestic and international TV series and movies. It’s not uncommon for the Chinese government to request online sites remove foreign movies and TV shows, typically because they’re too “salacious and violent.”

We can’t speak for the other shows, but Big Bang is pretty benign in those respects. Plus, shows like Nikita and Masters of Sex are both still available to stream, so Big Bang seems like a strange target. The AP reports some observers suspect authorities are concerned the streaming shows are taking too much attention away from the national broadcaster. That makes as much sense as anything.

How will the people of China survive without America’s favorite gang of geeks?!

(Via The Associated Press)

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