BB-8 is having a hard time these days in hilarious Late Show skit

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Oct 11, 2017, 10:53 AM EDT

Die-hard Star Wars fans have been porging out for months, but the release of the most recent trailer has set the Porg Fever aflame all over the world, and it seems poor little BB-8 has finally seen the news.

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert scored some exclusive video of the newly morose little BB unit, who became the star of everyone's hearts just two short years ago, and he's not doing too well. Oh, how quickly the adorable little droid can become last year's model.

Just wait until he finds out there's a new BB droid out there waiting to steal his remaining thunder, too. BB-9E, already nicknamed BB-H8 (or BB-H8R), is ready to roll in and crush the opposition. Maybe both he and BB-8 will find common ground in setting Porgs up like bowling pins and knocking them down.

In the end, here's hoping BB-8 recovers and learns what we fans already know: There's always room for one more cute creature in our Star Wars-loving hearts.


(via io9)