BB-8 meets evil counterpart BB-9E in new Star Wars animated short

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Sep 3, 2017, 10:13 AM EDT

We've only known of the existence of BB-9E, a First Order BB droid, since Thursday, and yet the fandom for the character has shot right among the tops of Star Wars droids. He's like BB-8, but evil! What's not to love?

After introducing the droid through Sphero's new toy and a Force Friday #FindTheForce AR experience, Disney and Lucasfilm released a new "Star Wars Blips" short featuring a meeting between BB-8 and BB-9E on Saturday. It looks like BB-8 just wants a friend, but Niney isn't having it. Nothing to ... lose his head over, right?

The video was also unlockable via the Find the Force function in the Star Wars app, so some fans got a sneak peek at it on Force Friday. While this might not be the friendship we hoped for, since Niney appears to be quite the grump, we're still going to go ahead and declare that this droid is the next big thing and we love him. Let's just hope he doesn't go the way of C2-B5 or Constable Zuvio, and actually has a role to play in Star Wars: The Last Jedi!