BB-8 and T-rexes take Olympic curling to a whole other level

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Feb 21, 2018, 4:14 PM EST

Why bother freezing your tuchus off on the curling ice when you can take the game indoors? And why would you ever use a granite stone when you can use the world’s cutest droid instead?  

Apparently, that’s what a couple of employees at Dancing Bear Toys in North Carolina were thinking, when they used a BB-8 toy instead of a 44-pound rock for a quick curling sesh at the store. Check it out:

Now that’s some stellar Olympic action! 

But while this is all great for the Olympics and Star Wars spirit, should we really be celebrating such hijinks at work? There’s shelves to be stocked! Toys to be inventoried! Customers not to trip! 

Hopefully, this friendly game of BB-8 curling occurred during a break, or perhaps these slackers could sell it to their boss that they were just sweeping up at the same time. 

Regardless of the example it sets for our labor force, NBC thought it was worth celebrating, as the network posted the toy store’s video to its nbcolympics Instagram page with the following caption: "Curl, or curl not. There is no try. #EverydayOlympics"

Depending on whether you’re more a Jurassic Park fan than a Star Wars fan, though, that may not even be the greatest genre-curling event that NBC is sharing:

Impressive sweeping skills for something with such small arms.

Guess we can rule out that the Ice Age caused the dinosaurs' extinction, eh?