BBC won't resurrect zombie drama In The Flesh for series three

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Jan 16, 2015, 3:59 PM EST (Updated)

At a time when zombie stories in all forms of media are legion, In the Flesh was a standout. It never reached the ratings pinnacle of The Walking Dead, or the grand scale of World War Z, but it nevertheless earned plenty of praise and fans for its clever premise and complex storytelling. 

For those of you who don't know, In the Flesh follows sufferers of Partially Deceased Syndrome, aka zombies who've had their humanity restored through medication and rehabilitation, and the challenges they face as they try to get on with their lives surrounded by humans who hate them and haunted by the memories of the awful things they did as rabid walking corpses. The series was praised for telling a different side of the zombie story, and during its two-series run it earned two BAFTA awards: one for Best Mini Series and one for Best Writer for its creator, Dominic Mitchell. 

Now it seems we won't get a third series of In the Flesh. The BBC announced this week that the show will not be returning, not because its creator is ending the run or because it wasn't a show worth broadcasting, but because budget cuts have forced the broadcaster to convert BBC Three to an online-only programming outlet. Since BBC Three was where In the Flesh aired, the transition means the show had to be shuttered.

"BBC Three is very proud of the two award-winning series of In the Flesh," The BBC said in a statement. "However, given there is only budget for one original drama series a year on the channel it won't be returning."

So, it seems the story of the "rotters" of In the Flesh ends here ... unless it doesn't. After all, plenty of shows have seen resurrection via streaming services in the past few years, so maybe this series will be reanimated as well. What do you think? Can In the Flesh return?

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