BBC alternate season 6 promo reveals Doctor Who Big Bad easter egg

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Dec 14, 2012

Remember the 15-second Doctor Who teaser we showed you guys yesterday? Well, it seems that some other people got a slightly different version of that same teaser, which, in close scrutinity, may have revealed what could be a very important easter egg.

According to a story over on Den of Geek, some lucky bastards people glimpsed something that was utterly absent from the BBC One teaser that was showed yesterday, depending on the country and the channel that you were viewing the teaser from—namely the trailer that aired on BBC Two instead of the one that aired on BBC One (those crafty Doctor Who people).

Look closely at this picture taken from the teaser we put up on the site yesterday and you can see the Doctor (Matt Smith) inside his TARDIS being reflected on the astronaut's visor.

And now take a close look at this picture, which shows what other people got to see at the exact same crucial moment.

Annnd this is the alternate trailer as neatly prepared by the guys over at Doctor Who TV.

Now could this be the Doctor's archnemesis, aka Series 6's Big Bad? Could this finally be the Silence that was hinted at (and was actually heard ominously saying "Silence will fall" over the TARDIS speakers in last season's penultimate episode, "The Pandorica Opens," over and over again) during last year's fifth season?

Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has already said that we will finally find out just who the Silence is—so is this the face of our beloved Time Lord's enemy? We don't know for sure yet, but it's certainly a strong possibility.

What do you guys think?

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