BBC says Matt Smith was NOT naked on Doctor Who

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

If you own a DVR and recorded the Doctor Who episode "The Lodger," did you pause, rewind and repeat during a bathroom scene in which Matt Smith dropped his towel?

According to the Daily Star, that's what many viewers did, convinced that Smith had briefly appeared completely nude.

Wrote one UK viewer:

It is true, you can clearly see. Yes, while millions were watching the football I really did see the Doctor's willy.

And according to another:

The doctor may have two hearts but he appears to be a typical human male in other areas.

But according to digitalspy, the BBC disagrees that the Time Lord shared anything out of the ordinary.

A BBC spokesperson stated: "Fans might speculate about what they saw. But I can assure them that Matt wasn't totally naked when he filmed these scenes. He was sporting an item to protect his modesty."

If you're already seen "The Lodger," what do you think?

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