BBC sued over Doctor Who villain created by 13-year-old in 1972

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Dec 14, 2012

Over the years, Doctor Who has faced many enemies, including Cybermen, Daleks, the Master and the Weeping Angels, but none stood above the others in ruthlessness and scariness as much as ... a lawsuit involving the scariest villain of them all, Davros.

A man named Steven Clark, 51, claims that the evil and devious Davros was his own creation and not Dalek creator Terry Nation's.

At age 13, in 1972, Clark entered a contest run by the now-defunct comic book TV Action to create a supervillain. Clark wrote an essay and sent in a pencil sketch, which he entitled "The Genesis of the Daleks: The Creation of Davros."

The drawing clearly shows a half-man half-Dalek with a microphone and a headset and a third eye on his forehead. He also has epaulettes as well as a withered left hand hidden behind his console. Very much like the Davros we all know and love.

The contest was judged by a panel that included actor Jon Pertwee (who played the 3rd Doctor at the time), script editor Terrance Dicks and producer Barry Letts.

Steven Clark didn't win the contest—which was surely a disappointment for the young teenager—but three years later he saw his own creation on TV in a Doctor Who episode titled "The Genesis of the Daleks"!

And now, after four decades, Clark has decided that enough is enough and has begun legal proceedings to sue the BBC and BBC Worldwide, who, he claims, have been using the character he has created without his permission all this time.

But why did Steven Clark wait that long to get his rights officially recognized?

Apparently, Clark had lost all the drawings he made and was unable to pursue a copyright claim. When he found them again in the 1990s, he thought it was too late.

As for why he's doing this now, Clark says, "The money aspect of it is not my primary motivation. I am proud of the character I created, and I just want my work to be recognized. It would be nice to be finally linked to the character after all this time."

(via Mail Online and The First Post)

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