Before Watchmen 5-page sneak peek adds name to Comedian's hit list

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

The Comedian has never really been known for his scruples about killing, and the first issue of his Before Watchmen series uses that to add another layer to his place in American mythology. According to The Comedian writer Brian Azzarello, it seems he was responsible for one of the most famous deaths of the '60s. SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Comedian #1, out this Wednesday from Azzarello and artist J.G. Jones, finds Eddie Blake very close to the Kennedy White House, so close that he's hanging out at the family compound while the men play football, and having a very private, very dark conversation with Mrs. Kennedy. According to DC Comics co-publisher Dan DiDio, this kind of neck-deep political maneuvering is what we can expect from the Comedian for his entire limited series.

"Each one of the Before Watchmen books has a particular point of view, and The Comedian is political," DiDio said. The Watchmen world presents a version of post-WWII history that has been radically impacted as a result of super-heroes, and The Comedian is smack dab in the middle of it. He's the match that lights every fuse."

If the conversation in the preview pages below turns out the way it implies, the Comedian carries out the wishes of Jacqueline Kennedy and kills Marilyn Monroe, the legendary Hollywood sex symbol who was long believed to have had an affair with President John F. Kennedy. So, why's the Comedian so willing to off an actress for the First Lady? According to DiDio, he drank the Kennedy Kool-Aid.

"It was the one thing he actually believed in. He will do anything for that family, to make sure they achieved what they believed in," DiDio said. "It's a very bittersweet story, because what you're going to see is the creation of this cynical, almost psychopathic man. You see how events keep changing him, and pushing him down the path that turns him into the character that you're familiar with from Watchmen."

And now the question becomes just where the Comedian's series will end. After all, viewers of the Watchmen film know that he's revealed to be the second shooter on the grassy knoll during the Kennedy assassination, and of course by the time Watchmen comes around he's a much more cynical guy. What did the Kennedys do to piss him off?

Check out the five-page preview below (warning: some mature language). Will you be picking up The Comedian #1 Wednesday?

(Via EW)