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Behind the Panel: Amy Chu is maybe a superhuman

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Jul 10, 2018, 3:15 PM EDT

Amy Chu's summer vacation might have to wait until winter as right now she's got her hands full writing some of the coolest comic projects on the planet.

The prolific creator is having a smashing 2018 as the lead wordsmith on popular Dynamite titles like Green Hornet, Red Sonja, and Dejah Thoris, as well as curating her own imprint, Alpha Girl Comics. She also has a short story appearing in Where We Live, the Las Vegas Shooting Benefit Anthology released on May 30 featuring an all-star lineup of writers and artists.

With all these projects orbiting her amazing talent, Chu is still able to focus and deliver some stellar storytelling in her impressive monthly outpouring of work.


SYFY WIRE's Mike Avila sat down with Chu to hear how she was approached for her poignant Las Vegas shooting survivor story, why the creative community provides a fathomless well of inspiration, putting her personal spin on Green Hornet, working within the legacy of Edgar Rice Burroughs, and finally getting Red Sonja on a motorcycle.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.