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Behind the Panel: Archie's Dan Parent on Riverdale stories and Betty vs. Veronica

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Mar 13, 2018, 2:56 PM EDT (Updated)

Artist Dan Parent's productive career has been dominated by those crazy kids from Riverdale, as he's been one of the prime contributors to Archie Comics these past three decades.

The GLAAD award-winning Parent is also responsible for modernizing the Archie characters for a new generation, and even launched his new Your Pal Archie series this past summer, which was written and inked by Ty Templeton and edited by Archie Comics veteran Victor Gorelick.


SYFY WIRE sat down with Parent to discuss his creation of Kevin Keller, his influence on the moody Riverdale TV series, seeing the gang depicted as hotter versions of their comic-book selves, watching the company's risky venture pay off, and the dynamics between Betty and Veronica.