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Behind the Panel: Donny Cates on Marvel Knights, Venom, and Death of the Inhumans

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Dec 6, 2018, 5:00 PM EST

As one of the rising stars at Marvel, Donny Cates has been hard to miss on the comic stands. In addition to writing the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy relaunch, Cates is showrunning the Marvel Knights 20th anniversary event and writing Venom.

In the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel, Cates sat down for an extended interview that touched upon his long history with Venom. According to Cates, he's been reading Venom comics since he was four years old.

"I am maybe the world's biggest Venom fan," explained Cates. "I took over Venom on his 30th birthday. I'm 34, so I’m primed at four years old to find... this guy. My dad taught me how to read... I was just in love with these comics. I wanted them, so my dad made a deal with me. He said that if I learned how to read them, he would buy them for me."

Cates was so devoted to Venom that he actually made his own Venom toys and wrote fan fiction. And he wasn't shy about pointing out that his fan fiction is now canon, since he was able to introduce his ideas about Venom into Marvel's continuity.

One of Cates most recent projects was Death of the Inhumans, an event miniseries that was designed to get people talking about the Inhumans again. Cates accomplished this goal by killing off the most beloved Inhuman of them all: Lockjaw. Cates told us about the howls of protest that emerged at the Marvel retreat when he floated the idea to his fellow writers. But as Joe Quesada pointed out, their reaction proved that Cates was on to something.

Additionally, Cates told us how he ended up writing the Hollywood adaptation of his creator owned title, God Country, as well as other intel from his time in the comic book industry. Watch below!