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Behind the Panel: Josh Williamson on The Flash, Justice League: No Justice, and living the comic book dream

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Apr 30, 2018, 3:30 PM EDT

What would Batman say to his father if he had the chance? That's one of the questions that Josh Williamson gets to answer as a part of his job. In addition to writing The Flash for DC Comics, Williamson is also the writer and creator of Nailbiter, Birthright, and Ghosted at Image Comics. Now, SYFY WIRE's Tara Bennett is going Behind the Panel with Williamson to hear his comic book origin stories and how he became one of the rising stars within the industry.

To a certain extent, Williamson felt like it was always his destiny to write comics. He said that comics were always a part of his life, and it was something that he worked for over the course of several years. In this video, Williamson shares some of the seminal stories that influenced him as a creator, as well as how he found out that he was writing The Flash from one of his comic book heroes.

According to Williamson, he was in Brian Michael Bendis' comic book writing courses in college, and he shared the most important lesson that Bendis taught him as a writer. It's all about the writer finding their voice and bringing it to the page.  

Amusingly, Williamson revealed that one of his writing techniques involves making recordings of himself speaking the dialogue he's written or even yelling at himself. He also opened up about Justice League: No Justice, the upcoming project that builds on the foundation of Dark Nights: Metal and paves the way for Williamson's next ongoing series: Justice League Odyssey.

There's a lot more to enjoy in the full interview below!