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Behind the Panel: Justin Jordan brings The Curse of Brimstone to Middle America

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May 31, 2018

Imagine feeling so trapped by your small town that you would do almost anything to escape your fate. That's the premise behind Justin Jordan's The Curse of Brimstone, a recently released Dark Nights: Metal spinoff for DC's New Age of Heroes. Jordan and artist Philip Tan have introduced readers to Joe Chamberlain, a young man who made a literal deal with a devil, only to be supernaturally transformed into the creature known as Brimstone.

In the latest installment of SYFY WIRE's Behind the Panel, Jordan spoke with Mike Avila about the origins of his latest project for DC Comics. Jordan shared his personal experience about living in a town that is dying without the factory or jobs that supported it. And he didn't hold back from offering his commentary on the current political state of the country.

"At the risk of getting too overtly political with it, I literally live in the middle of flatout Trump country," said Jordan. "I can look out my door from my house and see Trump signs from people that I know to be good, decent people... Somebody came along and offered them hope that something could be different. To me, it was obvious that hope was false. But when you're desperate enough, any hope will do and you grab a hold of that. Brimstone is that, and making it an actual overt supernatural thing."

According to Jordan, The Curse of Brimstone isn't designed to be political commentary, but it is exploring territory that is rarely seen within the DC Universe. Most of the big superheroes have established themselves in cities like Metropolis or Gotham City. But there's a feeling among the population in the middle of the country that the heroes don't care about them. Perhaps Brimstone can be a hero for the forgotten citizens of America, if he can find a way to save his town and himself.

Jordan also dropped a few hints about where the series is going and which supernatural DC heroes may soon arrive on Brimestone's doorstep. You can watch the entire interview below!

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