Snagglepuss Is A Gay Southern Playwright: Enter The World Of Mark Russell (BTP) | SYFY WIRE

Behind the Panel: Mark Russell breathes new life into Snagglepuss, The Flintstones, and Judge Dredd

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Apr 16, 2018, 3:30 PM EDT

Hanna-Barbera's characters might be the least likely to star in some of the most relevant and biting comics in recent memory, but writer Mark Russell has found new ways to not only reinvent the classics but humanize them as well.

On the latest installment of Behind the Panel, SYFY WIRE's Dany Roth caught up with Russell to talk about his take on Snagglepuss. Together with artist Mike Feehan, Russell has re-envisioned Snagglepuss as a gothic Southern playwright in the '50s who has to hide the fact that he's gay during the height of the Cold War. It's a dazzling piece of social commentary that speaks to some shameful chapters in this country's history while touching upon modern society as well.

Russell is particularly proud of the way Feehan brings human emotions to the faces and bodies of his anthropomorphic animals. He also shared the story of how the idea caught the attention of his editor at DC, and why Snagglepuss was the right choice to headline this tale.

Additionally, Russell looked back at his Flintstones run with artist Steve Pugh, which places "the modern stone age family" in a truly modern context. Russell describes it as his "manifesto," and like Snaggletooth, it also paints an occasionally unflattering picture of our present day reality. Finally, Russell touches upon his Judge Dredd comics, which he jokingly suggests is the result of the things that unfolded in his Flintstones stories.

There's even more to see and hear in the full interview, which you can watch below.

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