Behind the Panel: Neal Adams

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Dec 18, 2017, 11:00 PM EST

The venerable comic book Hall of Famer Neal Adams is one of the most respected and influential artists ever to ply his trade in the industry. His remarkable works span a Who's Who of classic Marvel and DC characters, like Batman, Superman, Green Lantern, Green Arrow, Magneto, Havok, Joker, Man-Bat, Robin, Deadman, The Avengers, Ra's al Ghul, and dozens more.


His dynamic style and the dramatic angulations of his compositions were a lightning rod for comics beginning in the late '60s and helped to transform the medium in a multitude of important ways.

Adams was also one of the pioneers in helping to champion creators' rights that led to Superman's Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster finally being given financial compensation from DC Comics for their role in creating the Man of Steel.


SYFY WIRE sat down with the prolific New Yorker, still highly active at the age of 76, and learned secrets behind the transformation of Batman into a night-prowling hero, untold secrets of his new six-issue Deadman mini-series, Guillermo del Toro's admiration of his art, the crippled comics industry back in the day, and how this digital age is the perfect time to bring his intense realism into the medium.

Additional material by Jeff Spry.